CDF Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Monitoring Group:

Fermilab: Rick Tesarek(Ldr), Andy Hocker (University of Rochester), Sue McGimpsey, Wayne Schmitt
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory: Steve Worm (Rutgers University),
University of California, Los Angeles: Rainer Wallny, Peter Dong, Yuek Chun Chow
University of Chicago: Megan Juszkiewicz(University of Massachussets)
University of Glasgow: Saverio D'Auria
University of Toronto: Kostas Kordas()
CERN: Thijs Wijnands, Christian Pignard, Ludovic Nicolas (University of Glasgow)

General Information:

The focus of this group is the measurement and monitoring of radiation near the CDF silicon detectors and the electronics in and around the CDF detector.

Status of CDF Radiation Measurements:

Radiation Monitoring at other Experiments/Facilities:

CDF Radiation Monitoring Publications:

Additional References:

  1. Radiation Field Measurements;
  2. Radiation damage in power transistors; CDFnote: 5903 (PostScript, PDF)
  3. CDF 2000 commissioning run radiation field measurements; CDFnote: 5723 (PostScript).
    Commissioning Run photographs
  4. Old Radiation Monitoring Link

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